For many Christians, church government is a non–issue. But the fact is, church government is very important to the overall health of any church. At Dogwood, we believe that the Bible teaches that the church is a flock that is to be led by shepherds, and those shepherds are referred to in scripture as elders. The elders are responsible for the vision and direction of the church. Here at Dogwood, our elder team consists of the senior pastor and other men selected and approved by the congregation.

Senior Pastor – David McGee

Senior Pastor Dave McGee
Dave has been the pastor here at Dogwood since 2005. He is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and has been in ministry since 1979. He and his wife Debra have three children and three grandchildren.


Worship Leader – Nathan Anderson

Nathan’s stuff!!!

Youth Pastor – Scott Stentz

Scott is the newest minister at Dogwood and came on board at the end of 2013. While Scott was developing software for NASA’s Space Shuttle, God decided He had a more out–of–this–world plan for Scott! He is a graduate of Texas A&M and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and has worked with youth for over 15 years. He is married to Karen and they have three boys and one boxer dog. He is looking forward to what God has in store for the youth!

Children’s Director – Lori Rainwater

Children’s Pastor Lori Rainwater
Lori has been married 19 years to her best friend Tim. They have two sons and a daughter. She has been an elementary teacher for 18 years and enjoys helping and serving others. Lori and her family have attended Dogwood for four years, ever since moving to Texas, and truly see Dogwood as an extension of their family.