Click this button to give in only seconds!

Let’s face it – there’s a growing amount of us that don’t carry cash or a checkbook around with us today, so now we’ve made giving to our church as easy as buying a song on iTunes! There are four ways to give, they’re all really easy!

1.  Text Engagement

Grab your phone and text dogwoodchurch to 77977 and you’ll receive a text back with instructions to start giving. Be sure to type dogwoodchurch as one word with no spaces, and make sure your phone doesn’t auto correct. Tap the link, and you’re ready to give!

2.  Giving Link on our website

Simply click the Pushpay logo above, the Pushpay link below in the footer, or can you go straight to our giving page by clicking here.  This will take you to the secure giving link, and allow you to make your donation.

Click here for a step by step guide to use our online giving:  Click Here

3.  Pushpay App

Download the Pushpay App from the Android Play or the Apple App Store. You can text pushpay to 77977 and receive a link back to download the app. From there, making a contribution is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Open the app, choose who to give to, enter the details and you’re done, in only seconds!

Be sure to make our church a favorite by selecting the star in the upper right corner of the App to easily find it later!

Click here for a step by step guide to use the app: Click Here

4.  Give As Usual

Are you used to putting cash in an envelope or writing a check Sunday morning to be placed in the offering plate?  Great!  This will be an option as usual if online giving is not something you are interested in pursuing.

Thank you for your generosity!