Every Sunday we have a prayer time that is different than most churches. You will hear the pastor pray over you and the church, but you will also have a time before that to pray for yourself and others. If we have someone that has been sick or hospitalized then you will see prayer quilts to the sides of the Worship Center on tables. We say a prayer for them and tie a knot in the quilt as a representation of that prayer.  There is nothing magical about praying over a quilt, but there is something special for that loved one when they receive the quilt and see all the knots in the quilt representing prayers that were offered for their well being.

Every Wednesday we have a time of prayer for those that are on our prayer list, here is the current prayer list that we being praying for.

Carolyn Wright has peumonia.

Jan Billings – cataract surgery Oct 23

Nelson Chtristopher– cataract surg 18.

Mildred Minor ( Joy’s Request) surgery to have cancer removed off kidney, she had cancer two other times, she only has one kidney.

Jerry Minor ( Joy’s request) stage 4 cancer in kidney, lungs, & colon, possibly spread into his bones..

Pat Issacson ( Jeanie Seely request) cancer, is taking chemo.

Ruby Davis –   cancer has received a bone morrow transplant.

John McGilvra ( Joy’s request) bladder cancer

Billy Glenn Featherston ( George’s request) health

Cody & Megan Walker pray for Megan sheis home to have her baby, baby is due in Oct.

Jonathan Storment ( Shari ‘s request) stage 4 cancer.

Billy Glenn Featherston ( George request) health

Cy (Josh) Coston ( Ronnie & Sharon’s grandson) is seving in  Afghanistan.

Braden Russell  9 years old needs a kidney.

Malcom Tidrow ( Anita’s request) brain tumor, has been moved to nursng home.

Joyce Price — is having test done this week, Bob Price – still in a lot of  back pain.

Drew Davis ( Nelson & Carol Christopher’s son-in-law) colon cancer.

Ray Weeks -strength

Christina Rich ( Carol Christopher’s mom) strength

Garrett Smith &  Barbara Smith – strength

Linda McCoy– physical healing.

Brittany Mc Coy ( Arnold & Linda’s granddaughter) ongoing physical problems.




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